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A hike to a pocket of wind damage (flash)
On the two year anniversary of a wind storm in Webster, I hiked Big Woods Trail to see the pocket of damage where a large tree fell and broke another. I found it originally within a week of the storm and have enjoyed going back to observe the changes through the years and the seasons.


A Varied Spring Day (flash)
Temperatures were in the 60s and the sun shone on a day where the kid's were out of school and I was out of work early. The pictures describe three different parts of the day:
  1. With the snow melted we saw the trails that voles took when snow covered the ground.
  2. Some of the flowering plants are emerging to start gathering energy from the sun.
  3. Rachel and I took a 2.5 mile bike ride and visited the Mill Creek Community Club where we'll get to swim this summer.


Attempts at Artistry in Nature (flash)
I have recently been considering digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras to have more control and flexibility for the photographs. Part of that consideration is a solid understanding of what I want to shoot and whether our current camera is sufficient. Today's record-breaking warmth was an invitation to take a bike and hike to find subjects for some attempts at artistic photography. As it happened I found myself at one of my special spots for contemplation; in the hillocks where water runs from under a tree. It was a good day.


Fireworks at Harris Hill Park (flash)
The Fourth of July fireworks were on the 3rd of July this year. The best part of the celebration was spending time with friends swimming, grilling, and visiting. We walked from their house to the park and settled in about 9:30. For thirty minutes I played with low-light photography and then the fireworks began.

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