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Big Woods Trail (flash)
On the morning of Independence Day, with the skies a neutral grey, I took a walk through the Big Field to the Big Woods and enjoyed the crooked old trees.


Solo paddle on Lake Sagamore, Adirondacks (flash)
I set out for a solitary hike, but decided instead to take the canoe out to see the setting sun. This lake used to be part of a camp owned by Durant then Vanderbilt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagamore_Camp).
A Visit to Pleasant Hill and Newton (flash)
On a recent trip to Oxford I breezed through the town of my childhood, Pleasant Hill, OH. I visited my brother Jon's grave that has the Stillwater River in the background. I also had the privilege of seeing the physical education teacher, Marty Dale. We talked for quite a while and it was clear she was happy for the new school being built, even though it means tearing down the old. There was a beam that the community was signing, so I made a mark for the "transient tribe" Burt.


A pleasant Sunday after Halloween (flash)
The day started with the Halloween candy sort and trade. Later Emily went to help with the smokehouse restoration project at Whiting Road Nature Preserve, and Tim continued on the Blue Trail then strolled by the Lake.


A morning walk in Webster Park (flash)
This morning the sun was shining through the windows and I took this as an invitation for a walk. The temperature was a bit above freezing but here and there the ice remained. These few miles of wood and water reminds me how the wonder of the world helps bring me enjoyment and peace.
A snowy morning walk in Webster Park (flash)
Snow started dusting the ground on the night of the 27th. On the morning of the 28th there was about 3 or so inches of fresh snow which was an invitation for another walk in Webster Park, this time with the family. We walked along Mill Creek to the Lake playing the whole way. Back at home we had hot chocolate from scratch to warm our cheeks and insides.

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